“ would you rather date sergio or cristiano? ” — Anonymous

It really hard to make a choose!!I love them both,and I want to date with them both❤but cristiano is and will be the first for meTAT

“ do you like the pink on them? I love it ” — Anonymous

omg!pink is sooooo cutie and great for our babies!love it sooooo much❤

“ do you know if cristiano actually uses samsung phone or he just advertises for them? i feel like he has iphone ” — Anonymous

he has iphone,but he also has samsung phone:)

“ Gareth bale Do you have gifs? ” — Anonymous

I have made some gifs of Gareth Bale,but not many.or do you want me to make some gifs of him now??

“ hello do you have twitter or instagram? :) ” — Anonymous

In fact I have a twitter account,but I rarely  use it so that I can’t remember my user name TAT

Real Madrid’s bench during the pitch invaders | 29.7.2014


Baby on the bench 

RM - Roma - 29/07/14

Cristiano Ronaldo: the fittest man alive.
Behind the scenes for Men’s Health (X)

¡Bienvenido, Griezmann!

Cristiano Ronaldo trains solo | July 27, 2014 

The player worked with fitness coach Santi Lozano while the rest of the squad had a recovery session. Álvaro Arbeloa returned to the group after having sat out previously for back pain.