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James Rodriguez: A Summary


Interviewer: In Brazil, a research was made. Before telling the result, I want to know your opinion: Who is more beautiful? You or Kaka?

CR: The research was in Brazil, right? So, Kaka won (laughs)! I’m kidding, we’re great friends, we talk a lot with each other (…) He is a great companion! One of the people that I most enjoyed meeting in these times!

Interviewer: Kaka won, but the difference in votes was really small! You almost won it here in Brazil! (X)

"Good evening. I have no words to describe this moment. Thank you to all my teammates from Real Madrid and the Portuguese National Team, as well as to all my family present here today. It’s an enormous [honor]! Those who know me are well aware of the sacrifices I’ve [made] to win this Ballon d’Or.

I would like to thank my manager, my president and everyone else that came here today. I would also like to remember the names of Eusébio and Nelson Mandela, who have been truly important in my life. Also my girlfriend, my mother and my son that [are] here with me. It’s the first time he sees his father receiving the FIFA Ballon d’Or. I’m sorry if I forgot someone, but it’s a very emotional moment for me and I can’t talk much more. Thank you all!” — Cristiano Ronaldo, 2013 Ballon d’Or winner

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Awww, Crisrinaaa ♥ Love how casually she reacts now, when Cristiano is mentioned in an interview :’) [x]

Kitten is out of answers

Kitten is out of answers

Sergio Ramos on El Partido de las 12 and Gol | March 20-21, 2014 

on Ronaldo - “We have a great friendship. At any type of work, like yours, or at the fruit shop or at the bakery or wherever, there are co-workers, and among them there are some that you have more feeling with, and some that you have less. In my case, with “Crí,” we have a great friendship, one that has grown over the years. Hombre, there’s no need to give me a medal. We’re here to help, and whenever one of your teammates has a problem, and since I’ve been here longer than the others… if there’s ever a misunderstanding, with the press, with the fans, on the personal level with your family, we’re here to listen, to give affection. It’s the same as when I was going through a bad moment, Cris was the first one to ask how I was, what had happened. I feel this obligation as a friend to lend a helping hand.”



Game postponed due to puppies.

Some of them look so pissed and then you have a few that are like ‘PUPPIES’



Best thing ever.

Never forget! Cris will be a great manager someday!



Best thing ever.

Never forget! Cris will be a great manager someday!



Pipita, Cristiano… no one is safe. Hide your butts!

Ronaldo’s goal vs. Villarreal | 27.09.2014